Chequered Barb  (Oliotius oligolepis)

Chequered (or Checkered if you are American) Barbs are small peaceful fish, well suited to a community tank and best kept in shoals of at least four or five.  They are smaller barbs, reaching 5cm (a bit under 2″) maximum, and can live happily in slightly smaller smaller tanks than some of their other barb cousins. They do need plenty of open swimming space and dense planted areas to have a rest in, however.

They come from creeks, rivers, and lakes in Sumatra but have also become established in the wild in Columbia. In the home aquarium , they will prefer the medium to lower levels of the tank, and will not bother any other tank-mates. They will eat anything that comes their way: flake, frozen or live food.  They are prolific egg scatterers and may well be bred in a home set-up.

Size (fully grown): 5cm (2″)

Water temperature: 20 – 25C

Water pH: 6 – 7