Cherry Barb (Puntius titteya)

Cherry Barbs, as their name suggests, develop a deep red “cherry” colour, which intensifies during breeding times especially in the male.  First found in Sri Lanka, they also live wild in Colombia and Mexico.  Cherry Barbs can be kept in community tanks and are generally peaceful, easy to care for and fairly easy to breed. They tend to be a bit shy and can be a bit nervous with others, sometimes even those of their own species. It is content when kept singly, though when kept singly will not develop its best colour. To see them at their their best and brightest red, keep them in a mixed group of males and females in a planted tank.They like lots of dense vegetation and floating plants to hide in.

Cherry Barbs are very hardy, good eaters and get along fine with most small tank-mates. Their water requirements are fairly easy to meet with regular partial changes, and they will eat all kinds of live, fresh, and flake foods.  They are reasonably easy to breed, scattering eggs, which hatch within 24 hours or so, in among the undergrowth in the tank.

Size (fully grown): 5cm (2″)

Water temperature: 24 – 26C

Water pH: 6 – 6.5